The Development History Of Electric Heating

- May 18, 2017 -

1, the current through the wire can produce thermal effect of the phenomenon was found; 2, 1893 the first appearance of the iron in the United States and use; 3, 1909 appeared electric cooker and can be used, transfer heating from firewood to electrical, that is, electric energy is converted into thermal energy; 4, 1910 the United States first developed a successful nickel-chromium electric wire made of iron, fundamentally improve the electric iron structure so that rapid popularity, this is the real electrothermal electrical industry development of the beginning; 5. 1925 in Japan developed in the pot to install the heating tube products, the prototype of modern rice cooker. In this stage, the industry also appeared laboratory electric furnace, melting furnace, heating electrical appliances such as electric heating products; 6, 1910 to 1925 family and industrial electrical appliances all varieties of the emergence and popularization of the application of rapid progress, is the electric appliance in the heyday of the history of the period. 7, 20, after the new application development in the last period of many, however, in this stage all kinds of electric appliances have been redesigned and constantly improved to become the electric appliance in the history of the improvement stage; 8, after the 40, due to the United States scientific and technological progress, cheap electricity, good economy and other reasons contributed to the electric appliance into the popularization stage. 1940, the electric iron in the United States family penetration reached 93%;

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