Some Practical Protection Methods For Heating Tubes

- May 18, 2017 -

The surface and material of the heating tube directly affect whether the tube is exploded. In and customer exchanges, such things are present, customers complain that such a thing happened, before this I also analyzed the reason of the heating pipe breakdown Some discussion, in this continuation and the analysis of the material and the relationship between the tube. The general use of heat pipe pipe is used in the selection of stainless steel tubes, according to the specific usage of the different conditions, stainless steel tubes are not the same material. General tubing can lead to heating pipe explosion factors: pipe wall thickness is too thin, material selection error or quality problems, use is a seam pipe. Tube wall thickness is 0.8 units Generally, if too thin can cause very easy to be subjected to external forces or the use of damaged conditions. Stainless Steel tubes According to the different processing forms can be divided into a seam pipe and seamless pipe, seamless pipe is a whole pipe is not prone to breakage, while the seam pipe is welded to the relatively easy to explode tube phenomenon. Generally if frequent explosion tube phenomenon can be considered and manufacturers to communicate the thickness of the wall to do one points or choose seamless pipe to ensure normal use and longevity. In addition, the heat pipe inside the magnesium oxide powder can also have the possibility of explosion, the quality of magnesium oxide powder is also the possibility of explosive tube.

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