Introduction Of The Use Of Stainless Steel Heating Coil

- May 18, 2017 -

Stainless steel electric heating coil used in the shell is generally metal tubes, which is a widely used electric heating coil. This apparatus is in the metal tubes into the corresponding electric components, its structure is usually simpler, the strength of the machinery is also relatively high, with high thermal efficiency, both safe and reliable, the installation process is very simple, the use of life is also relatively long. How much do you know about this device? How much do you know about the use of it? For stainless steel electric heating coil devices, we can fully understand it: it is a special power to convert electric energy into the electrical components, its price is fairly inexpensive, easy to use, easy to install, green environmental protection, has been widely used by many technicians in a variety of heating occasions, its service life is quite long, life expectancy of up to more than 10,000 to 30 hours. This equipment is widely used in heating water, oil, air and other industries. If this apparatus is used in the nitrate solution, the bending of the tubular heating elements need to be welded to the treatment, welding method is to weld it on the flange. Electrothermal tubes can be used in an open solution box, can also be used in closed solution box, the total function is circulating heating edible. If it is heated by oil and water, the method is similar.

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