Copper-cast Heater Manufacturers Need For Users

- May 18, 2017 -

Cast copper heater Manufacturers said: "Cast copper heater is a consumption of energy conversion to heat, to heat the need to heat materials." At work, cryogenic fluid medium enters its input port by pipe under pressure. Along the casting copper heater internal specific heat flux, the use of fluid thermodynamic principle of the path to design, away from the work of heating elements generated by the high temperature heat energy, the heating medium temperature rise, copper heaters are exported to the high-temperature technology requirements. "The internal control system of cast copper heater automatically adjusts the output power of the cast copper heater according to the temperature sensor signal of the outlet," the dielectric temperature of the output outlet is uniform; When the heating element is ultra temperature, the heating element's independent overheat protection device is immediately cut off the heat power supply, avoiding the overheating, metamorphism and carbonization caused by the heating material, and the heat element burn out in serious time, prolong the service life of the cast copper heater effectively. Converts electrical energy into heat energy to heat the object. is a form of electric energy utilization. Compared with the general fuel heating, the copper heater can obtain higher temperature (such as arc heating, temperature up to 3,000 ℃ above), easy to realize temperature automatic control and long-distance controls, (such as car electric heating cups) can be heated by the need to maintain a certain temperature distribution.

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