Application Of Electric Heat Conduction Oil Stove In Various Trades

- May 18, 2017 -

Printing and dyeing industry in the early stage is the use of electrical heating to the heat transfer machine heating furnace, coal revamping, to a large extent to save energy consumption, the steam transformation into organic heat carrier heating not only saves energy, but also greatly reduces the production costs. Organic heat carrier furnace has high pressure, indirect heating, safe and reliable heating characteristics, can satisfy many industrial production needs. The dyeing solution utilizes the organic heat carrier (thermal oil) heating device to import and export on the cylindrical shell through the tubing, respectively, and the oil outlet and the inlet port of the heat conduction oil boiler, so that the heat conduction oil and the cylindrical shell form a closed circulating circuit. In the heating process, in addition to the equipment itself heat conduction, no other loss of electricity, and heat conduction oil can be recycled, will not lose, its utilization rate close to 100%, the use of heat conductive oil heat exchanger tubes in the medium dyeing liquid to heat, The heating process of the dyeing liquid in the heat exchanger is smoother, thus prolonging the life of the equipment. With the rapid development of highway construction in our country, the highway grade is continually increasing, and the highway construction and highway maintenance are more and more demanding on asphalt quality. However, in the highway maintenance, because of the demand for asphalt, and in time and geography is very scattered, the establishment of fixed asphalt heating station is difficult to meet the road maintenance needs. Car-mounted heat conduction oil stove asphalt heating equipment is a convenient use of environmental pollution small, energy-saving road maintenance facilities.

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