The solution of some basic faults of electric heater

- May 18, 2017 -

1. The electric heater that uses a period of time may be unable to heat the phenomenon: (1) electric heater inside the electric wire broken, the treatment is to replace the damaged electric heating tubes; (2) The line is loose resulting in poor contact, so that the line can be re-connected. 2. Electric heater in the process of use if the electric heat pipe rupture needs to replace the electric tube. 3. Electric Heater Leakage: (1) If the electric pipe leakage, bake in an oven can be; (2) If the insulation effect is still not very good, leakage situation will appear, will replace the electric heating tube; (3) junction box water or wire insulation damage will also appear leakage phenomenon, can blow dry, with insulating tape wrapped around the breakage. Electric heater failure to find out the cause and solve the problem is very important, after the use of electric heater in the process of the problem must be handled properly, to prevent personal accidents.

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