Precautions for use of ceramic infrared heating plates

- May 18, 2017 -

Ceramic infrared heating plate is a high temperature, long life heater, in chemical fiber, engineering plastics, plastics machinery, electronics, medicine, food and all kinds of pipeline heating and so on have applications. Ceramic infrared heating plate by the spiral resistor wire through specially designed ceramic tile, precision elongation composition, can bend, beautiful metal shell ceramic fibers constitute insulation layer. The formation of effective high temperature, high power density, belt-shaped heaters, and design flexible installation. The following describes the use of ceramic infra-red heating board considerations. 1. High temperature ceramic Infrared heating board non-waterproof structure, so storage and use of installation do not with oil, water, plastic particles contact to prevent leakage. 2. Installing the high-temperature ceramic infrared heating plate must be tightly fitted with the heated body, the surface of the heated body should be flat and complete, without uneven phenomena. 3. High-temperature ceramic infrared heating plate After the use of the discovery of the surface of blackened-like color, it shows that heat and heat dissipation imbalance, should be timely adjustments to prevent burn. 4. Heated use of high-temperature ceramic infrared heating plates, should avoid tapping or collision with hard materials, ceramic tile rupture, alloy resistance wire exposure affect operating life.

5. Before installation, check the installation location and the high temperature ceramic infrared Heating board specifications are consistent, the use of the voltage consistency.

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