Maintenance of electric heating reactor and troubleshooting method

- May 18, 2017 -

The maintenance method of the electric heating reactor: 1, the electric heating reactor should strictly according to the product nameplate calibration work pressure and operating temperature use, lest cause danger, bring unnecessary troubles. 2, electric heating reactor should strictly abide by the product use of the instructions on cooling, oil and other aspects of the provisions of the equipment maintenance and maintenance. 3, the electric heating reactor all valves in use, should slowly rotate the stem (needle), tight cover, to achieve sealing effect. When closing, you cannot force too hard to avoid damaging the sealing surface. 4, Electric heating reactor electric control meter should be operated by special personnel, and set up overload protection facilities. Two, electric heating reactor troubleshooting: 1, when the leak in the sealing surface, we can tighten the screw, repair grinding polished sealing surface. 2, when the valve leakage, we should choose to repair or replace the valve stem (needle), valve mouth. 3, when the external magnets rotate, the internal magnet does not turn or the motor current decreases, we should first notify the supplier, let it replace the internal magnets. 4. When there is friction noise in the magnetic coupling actuator, we should contact with the supplier to replace the bearings and bushings.

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