How to maintain heat conduction oil heater

- May 18, 2017 -

1, electrical control cabinet should avoid ash accumulation, often use compressed air blowing, to ensure good electrical contact. 2, heat conduction oil heater boiler should not exceed the maximum allowable temperature. Generally in the use of six months after every 2-3 to 6 months, the heat conduction oil sampling test once, and pay attention to different oil do not mix. 3, heat conduction oil heater boiler should always check the temperature meter, and periodically measure to prevent the temperature of the temperature node increase, caused by the error of the heat. 4, the Circulation pipeline installation to facilitate the exclusion of gas. 5, the circulation pipeline if leakage, should be stopped in time, repair the rear can be used. 6, to the heat conduction oil heater boiler in the operation found that oil temperature rise difficult, should immediately check whether the pipeline unblocked, the valve is wrong, the filter is blocked and so on, to be excluded can be used after the filter to carry out regular and washable. 7, the user should customize the detailed operating procedures and regular maintenance and overhaul system, operators should be very familiar with the operation of the equipment and grasp the essentials. 8, should always check the electrical pipe contacts, fuses, instrumentation, electrical contact pressure gauge and relay. 9, because the heat conduction oil heater boiler adopts precise meter, so the transportation, installation is strictly forbidden to vibrate.

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