How to choose the raw material of stainless steel electric heat pipe

- May 18, 2017 -

1, Magnesium oxide powder selection: filled with the crystallization of magnesium oxide powder, not silicon carbide. Electric stove plate with refractory brick, the use of different materials also different, common have clay, alumina (aluminum silicate), magnesium oxide and so on. Play the role of insulation, uniform heat dissipation. 2, Resistance wire selection: For example, there is a heated cup of 200 watts electric wire, the disc in the state of the diameter of 5 mm, length 400 mm, silk diameter 0.6 mm, enlarged diameter into 10 mm, length to 800 mm, silk diameter into 1.2 mm, all sizes are large 1 time times, this time check hardware manuals, according to different material resistivity calculation of the resistance value, and then calculate the final power according to the voltage. 3, sealing material selection: Do not use sealing materials, water vapor into the heating pipe mouth, insulation drops, tripping, such as continue to use, pipe mouth damage, electric pipe scrap, absolutely prohibit the non-sealing electric heat pipe factory. 4, Pipe selection principle: temperature, corrosion resistance. General mould Heating is 304,302,301,202, liquid heating is seamless 304, 840 in the domestic can be replaced by 2520, mainly nickel-containing high ratio, strong antioxidant, but now domestic stainless steel market is very messy, the general market on the grades are more than the standard to lower one level.

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