Hot plate stainless steel heating tube raw materials selection method

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Hot plate stainless steel heating tube raw materials selection method

Hot plate stainless steel heating pipe can be divided into single-headed heating pipe and double heating pipe, it is stainless steel sheath, magnesium oxide rods as the core, to make magnesium oxide filler to nichrome wire as heating wire, is a Application of a wider range of electric tube products. How to choose a reasonable raw material of stainless steel heating pipe, stainless steel heating pipe is to ensure the quality of the primary conditions:

A, electric hot plate Resistance wire: For example, there is a 200-watt electric heating wire heating cup, under the state of disk diameter of 5 mm, length 400 mm, wire diameter 0.6 mm, enlarged diameter becomes 10 mm, the length becomes 800 mm, Wire diameter becomes 1.2 mm, all sizes are doubled, this time check the hardware manual, according to the resistivity of different materials to calculate the resistance, and then calculate the final power voltage.

B, electric hot plate Sealing material: do not use the sealing material, water vapor into the heating pipe nozzle, insulation down, tripping, such as still continue to use, nozzle damage, heating pipe scrap, it is absolutely prohibited to non-sealing heating pipe factory.

C, electric hot plate Magnesium oxide powder: filled with crystalline magnesium oxide powder, not silicon carbide. Electric furnace plate with refractory bricks, uses different materials are also different, common clay, aluminum oxide (aluminum silicate), magnesium oxide and so on. Play insulation, uniform cooling effect.

D, electric hot plate pipe: temperature, corrosion-resistant. General mold heating is 304,302,301,202, liquid heating is seamless 304, 840 can be replaced with 2520 in the country, mainly with high nickel content, strong oxidation resistance, but now the domestic stainless steel market chaos, general The market on the grades are lower than the standard level.

E, electric hot plate Stainless steel: good stainless steel heat pipe to protect the normal work, and the heat pipe life are closely related. Commonly used stainless steel material 201 stainless steel, 202 stainless steel 301 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel.

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