Description of Electrothermal Board

- May 18, 2017 -

1, the use of this type of electric devices must be noted that the continuous use of the operating temperature should be less than 240 ℃, instantaneous no more than 300 ℃. 2, the Prestige silicone Electrothermal device can work with the pressure state, namely with auxiliary platen to keep it close to the heated surface. At this time the heat conduction is good, at the working area temperature does not exceed 240 ℃, its power density can reach 3W/cm2. 3, paste installation under the conditions, allowing the operating temperature less than 150 ℃. 4, if the air dry burning condition, subject to the material temperature limit, its power density should be less than 1W/cm2; non-continuous working conditions, the power density can reach 1.4W/cm2. 5, the work voltage selection to high-power-high voltage, low-power-voltage principle, special needs can be listed 6, must be compatible with the equipment requirements of the power supply, the power outlet should be a three-hole safe socket, and installed ground. 7, the first use will have a micro-smoke generation, belonging to normal phenomena. 8, the use of the process should be prevented from heating medium overflow utensils, the inflow of the box damaged electrical appliances. 9, in the use of failure should cut off the power to overhaul. 10, prohibit the air burn.

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