Characteristics and maintenance operation of ceramic heating plate

- May 18, 2017 -

Features: 1. Glass ceramics Mesa, high temperature resistance to long rust, acid and alkali resistance, the experiment encountered strong acid alkaline substances not afraid to be corroded. 2. Abrasion resistance, long life, smooth surface easy to clean, as long as a wipe with a cloth gently clean. 3. Large heating area, easy to batch sample processing, thus accelerating the processing speed of samples. 4. The control method adopts the sub-body design, the personnel operates the controller away from the acid fog, safe and easy to operate. 5. Platinum resistance precise temperature control, heating up fast, heat evenly, the highest temperature can reach 400 ℃. 6. Large-screen LCD LCD display, wiring long 1.8m controller remote control. 7. With the hot police display, (heating mesa surface temperature exceeds 50 ℃, the big warning lamp turns red warning), is safer. Maintenance: 1. To wipe the experimental heating plate working face, do not have water droplets, dirt and so on. 2. Place trousers test bottles or other utensils. 3. Connect the power supply, close the power switch. The indicator light is bright, the heating board is in the working state, the high temperature also has the alarm prompt. 4. Adjust the thermostat knob, rise to the desired temperature, the heating board should be in the working state when someone care. 5. Work finished, shut down the power switch, cut off the power supply.

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