Causes of Fire Accidentor of hot plate in Electric Heating pipe

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Causes of Fire Accidentor of hot plate in Electric Heating pipe

Electric heating pipe has the advantages of simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable, easy installation and long service life. However, even though it has so many advantages, there will be insecure factors - prone to fire.

Electric stove electric heating pipe fire causes are:

First, the electric heating tube is not installed plug, directly into the socket wire head, and thus easy to cause a short circuit and a fire.

Second, the resistance wire to continue to use after repeated repairs, can cause the line overload and cause a fire.

Third, the electric heating tube on the combustible or on the vicinity of flammable materials, in a long period of high temperature baking caused a fire.

Fourth, the user does not leave the electric heating tube when the plug unplugged for too long, resulting in electric heating tube overheating, ignited the adjacent fuel caused by fire.

Therefore, in use, not flammable and explosive materials on the vicinity of the electric heating tube, must maintain a certain safe distance. electric burner electric heating pipe must be placed on non-conductive non-combustible material base; electric heating pipe wire safety cut-off capacity must meet the capacity of electric heating pipe, industrial heating pipe in any case should be installed separate circuit. The wire must be fitted with a plug, and the thread can not be inserted directly into the socket.

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